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We leverage our substantial resources and in-depth experience to successfully manage a broad range of claims. Whether handling basic physical damage claims or complex liability cases; our flexible people, processes and technology allow us to dedicate the appropriate team for our client’s individual program. We partner with clients to create a well-defined roadmap to the most successful disposition of claims.

Many administrators try to handle every type of claim. We do not. Rather than attempting to do so, we match staff specialties to those claims that allow us to produce consistently superior results.

General & Professional Liability

We have the depth of experience to handle virtually any type of liability claim. Our team-based approach to adjustment allows us to pool judgment through progressive supervisor review and round-tabling. We actively solicit our carrier, reinsurer, agent, and self-insured partners to ensure the best agreed-upon outcome. Our broad relationships with other partners, including engineers, physicians, investigators and attorneys, provide us with an unparalleled ability to address any issue we might face.

NARS handles hundreds of general liability claims each day. From common slip and fall accidents to the most complex product liability claims, our experienced adjusters help your program achieve the best possible loss ratios. Through in-depth investigation, detailed damage evaluation, and prompt movement to claim disposition, we keep your costs under control.


If your restaurant suffers a property or liability loss, you can trust we have the expertise required to adjust your claim. We have successfully managed hundreds of high-value dram shop claims for taverns and restaurants in practically every jurisdiction in the country. Because your restaurant’s reputation is on the line, we bring the same experience to claims alleging foreign objects or food-borne illness. Experience matters.


NARS has handled entertainment programs with risk ranging from small county fairs and carnivals to major motion picture and concert productions. Claims in this segment can include animal exposures, weather coverage, and even the workers compensation or liability exposures of high-profile stars. Our most tenured adjusters have personally handled these delicate, yet potentially catastrophic claims.

E&O /D&O

For allegations of a breach of duty of care, non-disclosure, misrepresentation, tortious interference, and breach of contract; claims are best handled by an experienced specialist. We have skilled personnel to handle a wide variety of D&O and E&O exposures, from homeowner’s association disputes to personal allegations against directors of multi-billion dollar corporations.

Commercial Property

NARS manages several programs for commercial property owners. Our experience in package, monoline, shared, and layered coverage enables us to achieve exceptional results for our carrier and reinsurer clients for allied lines, fire, CMP, and business interruption claims.


Owners and managers of condominium associations, commercial apartment buildings and related real estate businesses face very specific exposures best handled by specialists in landlord-tenant liability matters. We leverage our expertise and focus on a prompt and thorough investigation to bring these claims to a rapid and economical disposition. With over 30 years of experience, our property loss handlers focus on timely claims conclusion to mitigate claims for loss of income.


Small and medium sized businesses require specialized service. Our Business Owner’s Property and Liability unit has considerable expertise in handling claims that arise from package policies, with an emphasis in restaurants, hotel/motels, and night clubs. Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in ISO and MSO forms, liquor liability, assault and battery sublimits and manuscript endorsements.

International Property

Few administrators can match the depth of our international property handlers. We have adjusted thousands of property claims across the world, and have a preferred network of outside executive general adjusters well equipped to handle the largest property claims, wherever the risk occurs.

Workers' Compensation

The NARS Workers’ Compensation Claims Team

The Workers’ Compensation Claims Team at North American Risk Services, Inc. (NARS) uses compassion, expertise, and service to get the injured worker back to work and life. This team is committed to using The NARS Way (NARS’ internal principles and core values) to redefine the injured worker and client experience, develop strategic partnerships and incorporate innovation and technology for excellence in (y)our claims handling.

The NARS Way to Claims Handling Excellence

The NARS Way guides our culture and is the model incorporated into the claim handling process used by the workers’ compensation claims Team Leaders and Specialists. This model is a fusion of compassion, emotional intelligence, and engagement. They use recovery-focused thinking to guide the injured worker through the claim process, engage strategic partners, and communicate with our clients.

(Y)Our Workers’ Compensation Claims Team

The Workers’ Compensation Team features highly qualified specialists who average over 15 years of experience and are licensed across multiple jurisdictions. Because of our experience, we ask the right questions, use consumable communication, understand medical issues related to injuries, and to determine eligibility for benefits. Y(Our) claims management systems allow us to maximize cost containment opportunities while meeting or exceeding the timeliness required in even the most stringent jurisdictions.

We seek new ways to lower the cost of workers’ compensation claims for our clients. Because your employees are valuable to you, we explore the best ways to return an injured employee to work, providing a solution that works well for everyone and offers the best possible outcome for the claims. We are also well versed in MMSEA reporting directly as an RRE or through third-party service providers.

State and Regulatory Reporting

To save you time, we complete the First Report of Injury (FROI) and Supplemental Reports of Injury (SROI) for each state requiring reports. We comply with each state’s EDI requirements, report to ISO, and can accommodate various bureau reports.

Cost Containment

We believe in delivering outcomes that mitigate and minimize our spending and ensure the injured worker receives the proper treatment at the right time. Our medical and claim management services include early claim intervention, return to work programs, medical plans, nurse case management triage, and task, vetted regional vendor panels, medical bill review, and pharmacy benefit management.

NARS electronic Payor ID# CB172

Construction Defect

The volume of construction defect litigation has multiplied exponentially over the past two decades. Management of the resulting claims requires diverse skills — knowledge of coverage forms, contracting, torts, and construction. Teams of our most experienced casualty and property handlers focus only on construction defect claims, providing a depth of talent that is unsurpassed by other administrators.

Our vast network of qualified local engineers, contractors, attorneys and appraisal specialists supply a valuable and readily accessible resource to resolve these claims. To stay current with issues, new legislation, and legal outcomes in this dynamic field, we actively sponsor continuing education for our adjusters and managers. Our technical expertise remains unmatched in our industry.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

Our teams are well informed about legal issues pertaining to Construction Defect claims, including right to repair laws, statutes of repose, and the latest case law from every jurisdiction we service. We hold regular briefings on changes in laws and new legal theories, so we are well prepared to actively move claims towards disposition.


We have the skill sets necessary to handle the most challenging forms — subcontractor general liability and wrap-ups, builder’s risk insurance, difference in conditions, specialty coverage not underwritten by typical insurance cover, warranties, general insurance and excess layers.


Transportation claims require specialized handling, experience and manpower. Each mandates an immediate, in-depth investigation and the seasoned familiarity of the appropriate claims team. We assign claims to teams with the specific knowledge and experience required to successfully manage truck, bus, livery and towing claims.


We understand the critical need for truckers to get back on the road quickly. Our trucking teams have the skills to promptly manage the intricacies of each liability claim – vehicle damage, injuries, downtime, leasing and rental concerns and cargo recovery. Trucking is a passion, and we are actively involved in several industry-specific organizations, including TIDA and the Truckload Carriers Association.


Every party to a cargo loss needs assurance that their concerns are heard. We communicate with all parties to coordinate losses with consignees and shippers, and we assure maximum claim recovery by selecting the best salvage team to reduce the loss.


We launch a comprehensive investigation plan to identify potential coverage and ensure that losses are covered by the carriers responsible.

Physical Damage

To minimize downtime, prompt inspection and appraisal of the loss is essential. Through our network of heavy equipment appraisers and shops, we reduce costs and get you back on the road.

S.I.R. Administration

NARS accommodates reporting of losses and handling of claims within your self insured retention. We meet financial reporting requirements and advise excess or reinsurers of reportable claims.

Towing and Recovery

The towing and recovery industry is a specialized commercial automobile niche that requires proper handling of automobile liability, garage liability, GKLL and cargo losses. NARS manages one of the largest inventories of towing and recovery claims in the country. As with other specialized programs, we assign losses to adjusters with significant experience in commercial automobile claims and specific tow truck claim expertise.

We don’t just handle towing losses; we get involved with the industry. Our dedicated towing and recovery specialists regularly attend industry events and industry-specific training facilities to stay ahead of claims, legal and industry trends.


Our specialists realize that you or your clients may haul items other than vehicles — equipment, containers, generators, computers or other goods. We provide expert evaluation of these losses and work with the best salvors to minimize your loss.

On Hook

During transport or towing, customer’s vehicles frequently sustain damage, often due to the fault of others. Our adjusters are well informed about proper hook-up, the tie-down process on steering wheels, and safety chain use. We ensure loss containment and aggressively seek recovery from responsible parties.


We understand your concerns about proper handling of bailee coverage. Our claims teams recognize the special nuances that accompany liability issues and the actual sustained damages in these claims. Your NARS team provides expert management of your claim to conclusion.

Garage Liability

When a customer sustains an injury on your lot or when a repair is alleged to lead to an injury, NARS investigates the facts and evidence. After evaluating liability, we settle the claim if appropriate.


We have substantial experience with independent school bus programs, sightseeing, charter, and shuttle buses. Each requires special skills and resources not available to most administrators. When an accident involves many people, we mobilize promptly to investigate and control the claim.

Commercial Auto Liability

Unique liability issues surround the use of busses for charter, airport or event shuttles, student transport or other purposes. Travel may involve local jurisdiction or cross state lines. NARS specialists handle all types of bus claims in every jurisdiction. We recognize that expeditious handling is critical, when a claim is reported. Statements from all parties are vital, as is clear communication with all parties throughout the claims handling process. Our proactive claims management assures the best possible outcome.

Physical Damage

Prompt inspection and appraisal of the loss is mandatory to minimize downtime. Our network of heavy equipment appraisers works with you in your shop or with the shop of your choice to quantify damages and get your bus back on the road.


We have expanded from our first taxi program to managing black car, smaller shuttle bus and auto rental programs. Each involves unique aspects that demand skilled handling, local investigators and appropriate contacts. Prompt investigation and evaluation is paramount in handling these challenging claims.


We handle small to midsized taxi fleets and understand how critical it is for your owners and drivers to stay on the road. Claims must be processed quickly. We promptly investigate your claims and handle your damages to get your cab back on the road with as little disruption to your business as possible. We conduct in-depth investigations of any liability claim made against you, so you can feel confident that only damages caused by you or your driver are paid.


Whether we serve clients with a single limousine or a large fleet, there is one constant: the cost of claims (and insurance) is their second highest expenditure. Limo operators and drivers need to trust that they are getting the protection they need. We have the expertise to handle all claims arising from liability and physical damage, lease gap and loss of use.

Auto Rentals

We regularly handle claims for fleet leasing for car dealers, programs for small and regional auto rental operations and loaner vehicles for garages. Our skilled claims team takes special care to determine relevant coverages and in what order they apply. We aggressively pursue clients’ interests, downtime and diminution of value claims.

Personal Lines

Among the most competitive of all insurance products, Personal Lines coverage demands exceptional claims service and carefully balanced loss and expense containment. Customers buy a promise that we will be there when we’re needed most. We respond with 24/7 claims expertise and personable claims service.

Personal Line Autos

NARS handles several non-standard and assigned risk programs across the country. We optimize workflows to investigate, evaluate, and adjudicate claims as soon as practicable to minimize overall exposure. Our teams are experienced in no-fault, collision, UM/UIM and bodily injury claims with results that are markedly better than industry averages in the jurisdictions we service.

Our claims teams contain leakage in collision, comprehensive and third party auto damage claims by closely controlling the appraisal, DRP, total loss and salvage process. Experienced adjusters add to the bottom line by properly assessing liability and allowing our recovery unit to aggressively pursue subrogation.

Physical Damage Handling

We promptly handle windshield claims through our established glass network. We work with you to establish a preferred shop arrangement or body shop network, so your clients benefit from quality repairs completed in a clean shop. We also assist with your re-inspection program to meet state regulations or your own requirements.

Bodily Injury Handling

In nearly every jurisdiction in the country, we are thoroughly familiar with threshold requirements, residency issues, UM issues, med pay and no fault. On those rare occasions when litigation is required, we closely manage our attorneys, holding them either to our guidelines or those of our clients.

Personal Lines Home

Any customer who sustains property damage expects and deserves an immediate claims response. Our well-defined processes are designed to provide the best available solutions to returning the customer’s home to order.

Whether handling standard or custom homeowner’s coverage, we combine adjuster experience with NARS protocols to ensure that all policy provisions are properly applied and explained. It’s our lasting commitment and one that makes a distinct difference to customers.

Claim Investigation

Our prompt contact and inspection of damages make the difference. Statements, photos, and damage estimates are a necessary part of investigation to determine the origin and scope of loss, amount of damages covered, the potential for fraud and any possible avenues of recovery.

Dwelling and Structure Damage

Depending on the extent of damages, we work with our insured’s contractor or assign a field appraiser. We exclusively use expert dwelling appraisers with access to computerized estimating platforms and the latest pricing by zip code. We also mandate strict adherence to our damage assessment protocols.

Personal Property

We often utilize onsite inventory inspection and assistance for contents losses. NARS accesses several replacement sources for jewelry, electronics, and other high-valued items to help control the loss and make the claims process more convenient to the end customer.

Additional Living Expense

NARS draws on specialized vendors to provide temporary living for customers displaced from their homes due to covered losses. When a family is unable to return to their home for an extended period, rental properties can be furnished quickly to reduce hotel costs and excessive restaurant charges that can accumulate.

Damage Mitigation

Immediate action helps to control loss costs. Emergency board-up prevents additional damage from wind and rain, and water extraction prevents mold, mildew, flooring and even structural damage from developing. Early intervention is critical. NARS dispatches mitigation services as soon as we know about a loss.

Public Entity

NARS understands the unique risks associated with claims in the public sector and the significant potential liability exposure public entities face. Our staff has experience handling claims for a variety of public entities including school boards, counties, municipalities, fire departments and police departments. We manage claims arising from losses such as:

  • Discrimination/harassment
  • Developing appropriate strategies to identify claims that can and should be resolved quickly, while controlling and limiting the cost of litigated matters
  • Civil rights violations
  • Employment liability
  • Class action claims

Timely and Thorough Investigation

We believe that a sound investigation yields sound results. Our professional staff has the depth of expertise it requires to handle every aspect of public entity claims and is dedicated to timely and thorough investigations. We designate staff that will focus on our client’s every need. It is critical to collect evidence that may otherwise be lost, and to ensure that all time limit demands are met.

Litigation Management

Litigation management and cost control is a key aspect associated with public entity claims. We partner with your chosen legal counsel, whether in house or external to assure each loss is managed in accordance with the client’s guidelines. NARS is committed to providing quality claims management that identifies the claims that can be resolved quickly while seeking to control and limit costly litigation expenses.


NARS provides a level of service unmatched in the industry as well as the processes and technology to consistently provide superior results to our clients. We work hand in hand with school and government officials to achieve the best possible claims outcomes.

Our results generate savings that can be applied to the many budgets (facility improvements, employee compensation/benefits, new resources) managed by a public entity. Our adjusters are always cost conscious and utilize the most economical approach for the best resolution of your claims.


Municipalities face claims from public transit accidents, injuries tied to alleged dangerous conditions, eminent domain issues and claims involving public utilities.


Schools face claims involving sexual molestation, bus accidents, premises liability, hazing, sports related injuries, bullying, vocational shop injuries and IDEA Related losses.


Police face potential claims alleging excessive force, wrongful conviction, police pursuit accidents and improper strip searches.


There is nothing simple about energy industry risks. The very nature of this sector presents environmental and public safety threats that can have immediate, invasive and long-term effects. Overlapping responsibilities further complicate risk assessment and claims management. Beyond petrochemical and other traditional energy sources, alternative energy programs present their own unique risk factors. Loss exposure runs the gamut from unpredictable weather and production hazards to equipment malfunction, business interruption and environmental damage.

The critical need for exceptional claims investigation and management

In the petrochemical industry, transmission alone presents considerable risks. Skilled investigators must address issues of age, quality and reliability of transmission pipelines. Corrosion and seam welds are the most vulnerable and likely sources capable of precipitating a leak, rupture or explosion. Design, installation, maintenance and consistent quality inspections all impact third-party liability. The same issues require thorough investigation of fire, explosion, blowout and fuel spills.

The responsibility for wind projects spreads across design, construction, installation and testing of wind turbines. Code compliance and professional inspections also are key investigative points. While lightning is the most common source of damage, resulting fires demand close scrutiny of the installation and maintenance of the lightning protection system. As third parties often are responsible for the many tasks associated with wind turbines, the potential for subrogation recovery is of key importance.

Overlapping responsibilities and third-party liability are also issues in solar energy generation. As private generating systems are connected to public utility grids, malfunctions can create islanding and other conditions that produce unique hazards and exposure to significant losses.

Confidence in your claims management team

The magnitude and diversity of energy claims demand highly-technical expertise to successfully manage and resolve insurance claims. NARS delivers incomparable in-house and affiliate vendor expertise, and a team of dedicated field investigators that allows our immediate response in almost every jurisdiction in the United States. In our role as third party claims administrators, we have close working relationships with business producers and underwriters, as well as extensive experience with oil, gas and electric claims. The claims team develops a comprehensive action plan to reduce risk, contain costs, effectively manage litigation issues and proactively pursue potential recovery opportunities.


We view subrogation as a critical function that deserves separate focus. Our subrogation unit is wholly devoted to recovery and consists of qualified professionals experienced in subrogation handling to maximize recovery returns. Careful attention to recovery and compliance delivers the best possible cost and claim results for NARS’ clients.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

We are well-informed and stay current about industry codes and standards, new legislation, legal and regulatory issues pertaining to traditional and alternative energy production and distribution. We hold regular briefings on changes in laws and new legal theories, so we are well prepared to actively move claims towards disposition.


Our highly experienced claim professionals understand and have the expertise needed to promptly and effectively deal with a wide variety of claims including:

  • Hazardous Waste Site cleanup
  • Federal EPA or state level DEQ remedial actions
  • Pollution Liability (Superfund/CERCLA)
  • Transportation risk
  • Leaking underground storage tanks
  • Soil/Water/Air contamination
  • Asbestos exposure
  • Silica exposure
  • Lead exposure
  • PCB and other biohazard exposure
  • Heavy metal exposure
  • Environmental consultant errors and omissions

Expertise in Coverage Analysis

We have in-depth experience with current and historic ISO, specialty and manuscript insurance policies and provisions, including occurrence based and claim made contracts, contractor pollution liability, OCP programs, retroactive dates, contractual indemnity and hold harmless provisions, claim deductibles, self-insured retentions, defense or claim expenses inside or outside limits and other similar issues that frequently present in such claims.

Detailed Investigation and Resolution Strategy

Our professionals routinely promptly search out, identify and involve historic coverages and have unmatched ability to promptly investigate such claims, provide comprehensive coverage analysis, develop sound claim management strategies and involve other potentially responsible parties to ensure timely and appropriate loss sharing or cost recovery activities.

A Tailored Approach to Jurisdictional Differences

We keep abreast of key legal developments as state and federal courts address and interpret a myriad of coverage issues related to coverage and liability for environmental and hazardous exposure tort cases. We know and understand that the same facts and insurance contract language often results in different outcomes based on differences in jurisdictional law and regulations. We tailor our approach to these potentially high exposure matters accordingly. When appropriate, we can also draw on relationships with a broad nationwide network of qualified technical and legal experts all of whom have the qualifications and experience necessary to work with us and our clients to develop and facilitate well coordinated and cost effective multidisciplinary approaches to resolving these complex claims.

A Team-based Approach

The NARS team has the expertise and experience needed to competently address the challenges and complexities of environmental and hazardous substance exposure claims. And, building on our extensive skill sets, we work hand in hand with our clients to investigate, evaluate, manage and resolve these claims in a results-oriented, timely, and cost effective way.


NARS has extensive knowledge regarding the various federal statutes, state regulations and ordinances that compromise Maritime law. These claims can include persons working offshore on oil platforms, boats, cargo ships and other sea-faring vessels or along docks, sea terminals or riverways.

Expertise in Coverage Analysis

Marine claims can arise any given location at any time during the course of transit. NARS adjusters take immediate action to minimize the loss and we have the experience to allow us to determine claim coverage, eligibility and compensability. For “brownwater” and deepwater claims involving liability, cargo, offshore energy and marine related property and casualty claims, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience. The average tenure of our staff is over 20 years. With our extensive network of surveyors, we are well equipped to handle both minor claims and multi-million dollar exposures.

We will investigate the nature of an organization’s business and its territorial scope, particularly in relation to operations at or about navigable waters as it will impact how coverage is provided and the projected costs. We will review your average clauses and accurately determine the amount of particular average loss recovery.

For claims involving injured workers, there may be several options of recourse including a claim under the Longshore and Harbormen’s Act, the Jones Act, state common law personal injury laws and Worker’s Compensation Acts. Policies are reviewed as applicable, to confirm coverage implications such as territory or jurisdiction, injured worker status, conditions, policy limitations, exclusions, endorsements and relevant case law.

Legal and Regulatory Knowledge

NARS adjusters have the extensive experience and knowledge when handling the complex issues and fact patterns that are involved with Maritime claims. Our adjusters are licensed and have experience across a wide range of jurisdictions. We constantly seek new ways to lower the cost of your claims and for injured workers, we’ll provide the best care options.


Managing discontinued liabilities requires the highest levels of claims management experience and the ability to develop the appropriate exit strategy for each claim. We are a high performance leader with a long history of handling run-off business.

NARS has been very successful in attracting some of the industry’s most experienced claims personnel with the senior-level expertise needed to handle run-off claims. With multi-line experience across a broad geographic spectrum, NARS’ claims team delivers run-off solutions that limit the expense and uncertainty of the resolution process and allow clients to securely exit from unwanted business.

Critical elements in NARS run-off plan include

  • Careful review to ensure reserves are adequate to see claims to conclusion
  • Developing appropriate strategies to identify claims that can and should be resolved quickly, while controlling and limiting the cost of litigated matters
  • Dedication to fair claims resolution that is transparent, accurate, timely and compliant
  • Streamlined information management with easy access for clients

The benefits of outsourcing run-off claims management

Moving a line of business to run-off can be a lengthy, complex process. Managing the pending claims and litigation requires exceptional claims management skill to assure the successful conclusion of a business line.

Outsourcing is an attractive option for run-off claims administration. Measurable advantages range from improving performance and reducing costs to allowing senior executives to focus on competitive strategies and improved profitability. Internal resources are not tied up in the lengthy and frequently demoralizing process of resolving difficult claims for discontinued business lines.

Your dedicated NARS team provides timely claim resolution to limit exposure, damages from claim delays, unnecessary litigation and conflict with reinsurers. Your properly managed run-off frees capital, improves ratings, boosts profits and reduces risks.