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Our Pharmacy Solutions Program focuses on the mitigation of drug costs and, most importantly, the safety of the injured employee. NARSRx operates under a philosophy that prioritizes an injured worker’s care and treatment outcome. We strive to ensure employee safety, advocacy and protection by providing consistent oversight of their treatment plan. NARSRx offers a dedicated team of clinical and claims management experts who work closely with a nationwide physician advisor network to review treatment plans. Together, we help our clients and injured workers achieve the best possible outcome.

Our claims experts are notified immediately when the relatedness of a drug to a compensable injury is questionable. When a pharmacy “alert” is received, they take immediate and aggressive steps to confirm the appropriateness of the medication for the injury. We work with our clinical team to educate both medical providers and injured employees. Our measures allow for the strategic prevention of opioid abuse, control of medically unnecessary and compounded prescriptions and the reduction of fraud. Together, we collaborate until the pharmacy components of  the claim are appropriately managed.

NARSRx remains involved post settlement by ensuring the injured worker feels confident and comfortable managing their prescriptions on their own. They use the same prescription card, experience the same savings and have access to the same level of customer service. Additional program features include:


  • Real-time claims portal
  • Pharmacy locator
  • Highly competitive discounted pricing
  • Unique, aggressive, no risk first fill program
  • Mail order prescriptions
  • Customized formularies
  • Streamlined prior authorization process
  • Prospective, retrospective and real-time reviews
  • Comprehensive predictive analytics and cost savings reports
  • Adverse trend reports
  • Drug information and regimen reports
  • Provider portal
Pharmacy Network:

Filling a prescription at a NARSRx pharmacy is simple. Participants take their NARSRx ID card and prescriptions to a pharmacy in our network. Unless otherwise specified by the treating physician, prescriptions will be filled with generic medications. They meet strict FDA requirements and are as safe, efficient and effective as brand name drugs. The NARSRx Pharmacy Network includes nearly every major chain and independent pharmacy. To confirm if a pharmacy accepts NARSRx or to find a pharmacy partner, injured workers can contact our customer service department at (844) 700-5376 or click here to use our Pharmacy Locator.